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We’ve helped dozens of attorneys find the right
accounting expert for them

“I have been very pleased with the experts you have provided, and will advocate that we use your services again.”

IP Boutique Firm
Senior Partner

“Your expert's findings aided us in properly evaluating the case, which in turn assisted us in reaching an agreeable settlement of the matter. We were very pleased with the expert's capabilities.”

Phelps Dunbar
Day Peak

“I have used IMS on several projects and have been very impressed with their responsiveness and the quality and depth of the potential experts that they have been able to locate to assist us in a wide range of litigation matters.”

AMLAW 100 Firm

“I was very impressed with your approach and attention to my needs. You brought me top, non-conflicted experts, in a very narrow field that is rife with conflict issues, in a short period of time.”

Morris, Manning & Martin LLP
Litigation Managing Partner

“I was most impressed by how responsive you were.”

Jenner & Block
Class Action & Securities Litigation Co-Chair

“Out of the several expert search firms I contacted for this search, there is no comparison as to quality of service and results I received from your firm. You all have done excellent work and I really appreciate it.”

Baker Botts

“It was a very good call to use your services to find such a focused expert for this case, and I am grateful for your services. Nice work!!”

Terhaar, Archibald, Pfefferle & Griebel LLP

“We've been working with several other expert companies, and I just have to let you know that you guys have FAR AND AWAY been the superior service in ALL aspects. We know that this was a narrow area of expertise, and the others had people call us out of the blue, that weren't remotely close to what we were looking for. This was my first time finding experts this way, and you guys have made my job really easy. Next time, I'll just have to make one call!”

AMLAW 100 Firm

“I have found that using IMS provides me with a spectrum of potential industry or subject matter experts that my clients have not thought of. I have found several excellent testifying experts through you.”

AMLAW 100 Firm

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